Trip to Lahat

Trip to Lahat

Palembang - Lahat So many holiday destinations in Sumatra. as an adventurous child who fills the time of emptiness by enjoying the natural scenery. This first part I will tell you about my journey to the city of Lahat. one of the tourist destinations in South Sumatra with a natural charm that is extraordinary. Together with my three partners, we traveled from Palembang by motorcycle, I (Deka), Nailus, Azmi, and Chela.

Me and partner depart from Palembang at 08.00. With a distance of approximately 200km Palembang - Lahat. We travel casually with speeds between 70-80km / jam. on the way there were no significant obstacles, only the big cars, the coal trucks and the slightly perforated road conditions, slowed our way to Lahat town.

At 10.15 we arrived in the city of Prabumulih to rest for a moment, stretching the waist and restoring the exhausting stamina of a road filled with large cars and poor road conditions. We rested at the Lembak station near Prabumulih City and filled up gasoline to continue our journey.

At 10.45 we continue our journey, with freshly filled stamina making us re-energized for the beautiful scenery in the city of Lahat. At about 12:10 we arrived at the town of Muara Enim, we continued our journey.

Finally, we arrived at Lahat town at 1:00 pm we rested before heading to Besak Hill to perform the Dzuhur Prayer at one of the nearby mosques. After the prayer we continue our journey to Taman Wisata Bukit Selero Lahat. We also park the motor at approximately 13.30, then we continue the journey on foot climbing Bukit Besak.

The body is like no tired feeling on the way from Palembang to Lahat. In the climb we meet some climbers who descend. About 2 hours we reached the peak of Bukit Besak, finally we are tired of paying for the natural beauty of green nan. we rushed to set up a tent so we could rest before the photographs. At around 15:45 we performed Asar prayer and replaced Whudu with Tayamum (no water). after the prayer, some of the other climbers joined in praying with us.

Until it arrived at dusk that afternoon, we enjoyed the beauty of the sunset is so beautiful. the yellow light of red chime and the beautiful panorama of nature make us marvel at the beauty of the Creator. Arriving Maghrib, we hurried to perform Maghrib Pray with other climbers. in a courtyard lined with makeshift pads. as usual, we bertayamum to replace ablution. Soon we were doing the Isha prayer. around 20:00 pm, we also gathered together with other climbers, to bersilaturahim, joking, joking, singing enjoying the beautiful night with a warm coffee treat .. hwkkwk (thank goodness when the weather is sunny). did not feel cold pierced our skin was rushed into the tent.

Nailus and I lined up together. while Azmi and Chela were lined up together ... At 5:00 am the chill of dawn woke us from a deep sleep for prayer, after our prayers headed east from the hill to see the beauty of Sunrise in the cool morning. the sun began to show the light is so beautiful with the dew blast is so cold .. while unpacking the tent to continue our journey also berfoto2.

Nailul n Azmi who was new in graduation took pictures using their Toga .. jd shame me ,,, who has not graduated. At 07.00 we went down to continue the journey. arrived where we left our motor, we immediately rushed to Curug Buluh. Departed by motorcycle at 08.00 we arrived at Curug at 9.00. we were fascinated to see the beauty of waterfall with the freshness of the water. At 10:30 we continue our journey back to kuta Palembang. Around 17.00 we arrived in the city of Palembang with a note punctuated to stop for rest and prayer.

Note for friends
1. Do not leave obligations
2. Do not stay safe, jacket, shoe, sleping bed, other supporting tools.
3. Pray oh yes, ....
for motor problems
1. Make sure the motor is in the best condition
2. Gasoline hell about 12ltr p / p
3. Do not rush-wrinkle
4. Remember boyfriend wkwkkw (for who have) thank ya buddy ....

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